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Small Business Enterprise Development

The Small Business Sector contributes approximately 20% of the country’s GDP and provides employment to about 15,000 persons through 3,000 enterprises producing over 100 products. This Small Business Enterprise Development Project has economic significance for Dominica. However, the ravages of hurricane Maria together with other external shocks has seen many a small enterprise collapse both at urban and rural locations due to inadequate or no planning for resilience and the consequences of climate change.   Hence this project has undertaken a robust restructuring to ensure these mistakes do not recur. 
In this new financial year 2021/22 this project seeks to get MSMEs to prepare for an experience that leads to meaningful economic growth, sustainability, equity, and increased employment.

Some Impact and benefits that will be derived from this program includes:

• Small Business clients will benefit from financial and technical assistance under this project;
• The various communities will benefit from increased employment and economic activities;
• A number of our partner Ministries will benefit from coordinated training activities and collaborative efforts in organising events and activities.