National Security and Home Affairs

Public Service Investment Programme - Projects

Regional Emergency Shelters 

Prudent disaster risk management will entail the construction of more resilient emergency shelters. Such shelters are, by definition, powered by independent and renewable energy sources, with adequate storage, that can operate independently of the grid. They will have sufficient  water storage capacity to supply potable water during the period when national water services are temporarily disrupted, and they will be suitably equipped and resourced.

The overall objective of the project is a reduction in vulnerability and risk and an increase in climate resilience at the community level.
The specific objective is the construction of two regional emergency shelters, each specifically designed to provide a safe, family-friendly, climate resilient environment where persons can be protected from extreme weather conditions and be provided with a temporary respite until their previous residence is restored.

Two such facilities will be built. Emergency Shelter in the District of Castle Bruce on the East Coast to be built in the community of Castle Bruce and a Regional Emergency Shelter in the Mahaut/Jimmit area on the Southern West Coast of Dominica. Construction has already begun on both facility


Construction Of Coast Guard Jetty/Pier

The marine unit is a section of the commonwealth of Dominica police force with responsibility for search and rescue, coastal border management and security.  The unit has a fleet of six vessels.  These vessels must be launched on water to undertake search and rescue missions and to patrol our coastal border.  The pier is a very important resource required in the launching and recovery of vessels.  The pier was partially destroyed by Maria. Temporary repairs were made but high tides contributed to its present state of disrepair.  The project will seek to demolish existing planks, replace cross beam, construct a concrete and wood platform.

This project is necessary to reduce response times to rescue missions, alleviate concerns of safety for personnel during the recovery and launching of vessels, assiting fisherfolks, Cruise Ships/Mariners/Yachts security and enhance the overall aesthetics of the Woodbridge Bay port.  It will also contribute to a more secure border.