Ministry of Economic Development and Planning

Public Service Investment Programme - Projects

Technical Assistance Centers (TAC)

The Ministry Of Planning, Economic Development, Climate Resilience, Sustainable Development And Renewable Energy purpose of the TACS are to guide and encourage resilient practices in construction and to strengthen planning control capacity at a local level.

The objective of the Technical Assistance Centres (TACS) will support the public and the Housing Recovery Programme beneficiaries, accordingly regional satellite offices have been established. These satellite offices will provide technical assistance permitting process, inspection services in terms of building inspection and public education among other duties. 

Each TAC team will include three junior officers, an administrative officer and will be overseen by a development control officer. Physical planning will be in the communities, in the districts, through the Junior Development Control Officers who are adequately trained by the development control officers and the Chief Physical Planner to ensure that we are not there just to police but we are there to educate people on resilient development abiding by the codes and the standards for construction that have been established.

The plan will cover the establishment of upper offices and operation in four regional locations. TAC offices are set up in the Kalinago Territory, Portsmouth, Mahaut and Bellevue Chopin.

        Mahaut TAC Office


Geothermal Energy Plant

As part of efforts to build a climate-resilient nation and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica plan to complete the construction of its geothermal plant by 2023. The Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr the Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit said that the plant would ensure that the country will be powered by renewables, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions while simultaneously creating jobs. The project is ongoing with slime well, production well and reinjection well already drilled. The project is expected to be completed by end of 2023 with an initial production of 10 megawatt (10MW)

    Geothermal Plant - Laudat

Project Management/Coordination -  Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Building

This consultancy will deliver a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system that will improve the Public Service's ability to manage and report on the implementation of Government's development agenda, especially key components such as the Public Sector Investment Programme, the National Resilience Development Strategy (2030), and the Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan (2020 - 2030).

 The objectives of the consultancy are:
 (1) Strengthen GoCD M&E systems and practices to generate evidence-based feedback to improve planning and      inform policy;
 (2) Support the implementation of the NRDS and the CRRP, and;
 (3) achieve greater efficiency, efficacy through enhanced organization, planning and knowledge of M&E tools.




 Proposal Writing to Access Climate Finance

This training course is provided by a specialized climate finance training firm and will provide GoCD staff from across all the ministries with the knowledge and skills needed to write successful proposals for climate finance, needed to implement the Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan.

1. Strengthen knowledge of climate funds and proposal submission process
2. Enhance proposal writing skills
3. Support GoCD staff in developing one proposal for GCF funding