Public Sector Investment Program - PSIP Unit


The PSIP Unit is responsible for the formulation of the annual and medium-term Public Sector Investment Programme of the Government. The Unit also monitors the technical and financial implementation of the capital budget in collaboration with line ministries, and through online dashboards; weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports; supervisory and technical meetings; and project site visits.

The PSIP Unit also collaborates with line ministries in the preparation and submission of project proposals seeking allocation of resources. In so doing, the Unit advises the policy makers on the effective allocation of resources for competing projects. Furthermore, the PSIP staff effectively administer, co-ordinate and monitor grants, both financial and technical assistance within the budget.

A critical role of the PSIP Unit is to collate and analyze public expenditure to inform the budget allocation process. 


Team PSIP:
Front row l-r:  George Maxwell - Economist, Rhona Tyson - Economist, Wyeante Fabien - Economist Intern
Back row l-r:   Ken Thomas - Technical Support/Web Admin, Kimara Burton - Economist, Heslyn Andrew - Senior Economist